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Poyarkov buy branded things for nothing

Artist Sergey Poyarkov. in January, a son, told where buy branded clothes and boasted a four-storey house.

Poyarkov buys clothes in America. There branded items sell for almost nothing, he told one of the editions.

“the Clothes I buy in America. There at the end of the season all the branded items demolished in one store and sell almost for nothing. They cost 10-15 percent from the previous value. That is why my wife and ten of leather jackets. Daughter Sofia somehow bought boots Cavalli for $ 40”, he said.

“In America and being bought by Oleg Pinchuk. One day he bought a jacket here with huge discount. It went to the Verkhovna Rada. Saw exactly one MP and started to play: “I have this jacket bought on troyeschina for a hundred hryvnia. Let’s see how they differ”. Both took off his jacket, no difference was seen. Started asking people that have determined where the real Brijuni. All showed on the jacket Pinchuk, and a jacket that deputies were called fake. Shame he blushed. Oleg admitted that played it. And he added: “I also bought the jacket in America. But it had cost eight times cheaper than your”, – said Sergey Poyarkov.

He also said that he lives in a 4-storey house with 5 mezzanines.

“Began to build it in 2005. Familiar bandits said, “There is only one layer of the population that is not afraid of anyone. This is the builders”. During the construction of this saw. At the same time discovered that my wife knows how to swear. In 12 years of marriage didn’t know about it. The house has a two-storey workshop one hundred squares, a winter garden and a 100-metre terrace. The first tower has equipped his office – six Windows facing all directions. The second made an observation. It is a pleasure to drink tea or coffee and to consider Kiev. It can be seen, at a glance. The Elevator was not done, climb the stairs, to keep myself in good shape”, – said the artist.

Sergey Poyarkov two children – 3-year-old Sofia and mark, 2 months.

“the Son was born on Christmas day. Had several variations of a name, but Sofia is advised to call him mark. Like all small children, it is similar to dictator Kim Jong Il. Sofia all copies of the mother. Apply to the chest all the dolls, and then make a poultice from the leaves of the cabbage, so that the chest does not hurt”, – said the artist.

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