Winter thermocure Brugi for teenagers. Italy the original.
High quality, warm thermocure with membrane Italian brand BRUGI. Italian brand BRUGI already 57 years, produces clothing for the whole family. Special high-tech materials in combination with sizing and lining…

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Women's clothing from Italy Shop TL-STYLE, to buy women's clothing from Italy on our site.
Women's clothing from Italy Benefits of women's clothing from Italy Women's clothing from Italy is distinguished by elegant simplicity and unique, chic, and yet particularly subtle beauty and indescribable sensuality.…

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Stylish women’s bags spring 2013

Without everyday bag is not necessary for any one woman. And it does not have to be formless “bag” – thanks to the talents of designers, we are able even in the nearest shop to go with a beautiful bag. In honor of spring, these bags are painted in all colors of the rainbow – probably to create a cheerful mood. Roomy models are equipped with short handles.

Still at the peak of relevance – small waist bags, which are advised to wear several at once.

In military style – bag, very similar to the military tablets, flat and spacious.

But for the most sophisticated ladies stylists have created a petite handbag-purses – apparently in contrast to the huge bags. Small bags can be worn simultaneously for 2-3 or even more: looks a little unusual, but very convenient!

Evening bags spring 2013

To create the image of a romantic young ladies, I advise you to choose a good old clutch. This model is essential for going to the theater, to a party or in a restaurant. Modern fashionable clutches of elongated small handbags that are supposed to wear in the hand.

For the most solemn occasions gourmet tiny handbags, more like jewelry, is richly decorated, studded with rhinestones and sequins, they will give the appearance of elegance and solemnity.

Colors and materials

As a material for making fashion handbags this spring is used, the skin – it is out of competition. At the peak of popularity – smooth or lacquered leather and crocodile natural. If you prefer matte finish – choose suede.

The most popular colors – black and white, muted pastel and bright neon: yellow, green, orange, pink. It is clear that the color of the bag is largely determined by its purpose: a business model designed in sober shades, and the youth model – cheerful colors.

Little trick: if you want to look trendy, a manicure, echoes the color and texture of the bags.