Leather jackets 2011
Leather is a material, which at all times has the demand is at its peak. This season, he continues to gain credibility, both among women and among men. The real…

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Poyarkov buy branded things for nothing
Artist Sergey Poyarkov. in January, a son, told where buy branded clothes and boasted a four-storey house. Poyarkov buys clothes in America. There branded items sell for almost nothing, he…

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Women’s fashion suits 2013

The costume is an important element of a woman’s wardrobe, especially those who work in the office. Leading brands, creating women’s fashion suits 2013, favored retro style. Fashion suits 2013 emphasize femininity and give a special charm fashionista. Despite the common opinion that the suit is formal wear, designers offer and unusual model costumes. Women’s fashion suits 2013 can be made in the English style, adorned with rhinestones, to have bright coloring. Rage is a Gothic style and slacks.

Costumes of bright colors. In 2013 does not have to be strict office suits, because in fashion bright colors. Burgundy, khaki, emerald and sapphire colors were present in the costumes on the show Miu Miu. In addition, consistently one of Prada presented in his collection checkered suits and stripes in a combination of bright red and blue or orange and purple. These costumes are recommended to wear with a blouse with a collar jabot. Complements these costumes on the show Miu Miu famous shoes from Christian Louboutin.

The Gothic style. Yves Saint Laurent, introduced the collection in which the costumes were adorned with leather and fur. Innovation can be called cuffs and collars leather and textile jackets and jackets. All fashion suits 2013 from this fashion house are made in dark colors. Costumes typical of the extended line of the shoulders, the emphasis on the waist and cropped pants. Pants to reveal the ankle. With such costumes chic look shoes on high heels.

Buttons and rhinestones. Fashion house Louis Vuitton offers to wear suits with turn-down collars, lapels on the jackets, and complement these women’s fashion suits 2013 wide-brimmed hats. Marc Jacobs as decorations costumes proposes to use mother-of-pearl buttons, which are more like a brooch. In addition, many costume designer decorated with a scattering of stones and rhinestones. However, such models costumes do not meet the strict office dress code.

The costumes in the English style. In fashion costumes in the English style, but women’s suits now more similar to men’s. In such fashion trends succumbed Ralph Lauren. From the male wardrobe in the women’s moving plaid pants, woolen jackets brown shades, caps, hats, and knitted jackets. To complement the costume can tie.

Wide straight trousers. Despite the fact that many designers in their costumes showed mostly cropped skinny pants, slacks straight cut in suits are just as relevant.

Costumes with these pants can be seen on the show Sonya Rykiel. Women’s fashion suits 2013 from this brand were presented in a restrained color scheme. The main shades becomes transparent beige and classic black. So in the collections of this brand were the costumes in the ash-gray color.

Remember, whatever costume you choose, it must fit the occasion, and if it is necessary – dress code. Women’s fashion suits 2013 are variety of models and colors, so every woman will be able to find a costume for yourself, in accordance with the place and visited the event.