Fashionable summer clothes for full girls
To dress stylish and fashionable is natural desire of every modern girls, regardless of physique. For full girls this is a little problematic than for most. But, if you wish,…

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Beach fashion this year
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Trendy skirts summer 2014

The skirt, as a main element of good taste and elegance.

For any woman, fashionable skirts are a very important element of the total image. Each year is different from previous fashion trends, and every stylish girl probably should. Namely, changes its style and taste on the skirt in her wardrobe begin to dominate completely different shades and materials. What colors, fabrics and styles fashionable’m going to talk about this article.

The main trends from world fashion designers.

Now, as for new styles concepts trendy skirts summer 2014 . the leading designers have identified the following models, which are made in different styles.

Retro style highlighted in his collection of Christian Dior, he made the skirt in classic black and white, which perfectly combined with leather jackets of any length and coats;

Country style offered Fashion house Dsquarted2. They released into the world of stylish skirts with a belt, which blend it with a short jacket or a leather jacket.

Ethno style suitable for any self-confident girl with an original taste;

The pencil skirt and the skirt peplum accent the chic thigh;

The fluffy skirt

Simple and concise leather skirts to the knee.

However, the most popular materials of summer are velvet, delicate lace and leather. The cost is actually the original form and unique architectural cut the most simple at first glance, plain skirts look elegant and very impressive.

In addition, now considered to be very stylish to wear Maxi skirts. Their peculiarity is that this product has a straight leg cut with a high waist and a relatively deep Central or lateral incisions. Thanks to the last item there is a significant smoothing of the simple form of this model.

Particularly fashionable in the following colors:



Stripe blue-white,

In addition to these colors, fashionable skirts for the summer of 2014 . made in all shades of brown and mustard. Also bright colors in fashion, both in summer and in the cold season, especially elegant look blue, green, crimson and turquoise skirt of satin or velvet.