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Women's clothing from Italy Benefits of women's clothing from Italy Women's clothing from Italy is distinguished by elegant simplicity and unique, chic, and yet particularly subtle beauty and indescribable sensuality.…

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Evening dresses 2015 short, long to the floor. Photo of evening dresses 2015 season winter, spring, summer
Evening fashion 2015 characterized by elegant styles, sensual silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and exquisite decor. In the fashion focus femininity in all its manifestations. Designers love using retro theme, sexy neckline…

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Fashionable summer clothes for full girls

To dress stylish and fashionable is natural desire of every modern girls, regardless of physique. For full girls this is a little problematic than for most. But, if you wish, it should be possible: popular now, many brands have begun to develop and produce fashionable clothes in larger sizes.

Collages for this article I have tried to collect the most fashionable and stylish models 48-54 sizes of the new summer collections that you can combine and match, making a complete and beautiful youth ensembles.

In the summer collection of the Italian brand Giani Forte represents almost all of the types of clothing that can be garderobnoy year old girl. Costume of short jacket and skirt, a bright yellow sundress and denim, can choose those who prefer sports style clothing. Beautiful long dress made from fabrics with color prints girls prefer romantic style. Stylish black jumpsuit with a short, light jacket-Bolero – universal model which is suitable for each day or as a festive choice.

Three models of beautiful blouses from this collection will be completed the ensemble with a skirt or trousers. A white blouse of silk, with a black graphic print, loose silhouette, can be combined with a narrow pencil skirt, narrow trousers or leggings as a blouse made of chiffon with floral print.

Elegant chiffon blouse ultramarine blue color, with original sleeve, is the perfect complement to an evening dress or a jumpsuit open.

On this collage – summer model pants free silhouette and sets of leggings, chiffon blouses and long tunics made of cotton. Giani Forte is one of the few designers who create fashionable and modern clothes of the size XXL, which can be really fun to wear.

These 4 models of long summer dresses sizes 48-54, viscose and cotton, ideally suited for girls with the figure “Apple”. Of course, the dress fabric with a pattern slightly reduces the volume figures, but one-color models: white dress with flared skirt and tunic dress yellow, look beautiful and fashionable.

The most optimal model of short summer dresses for girls with full hips and waist – fitted dresses from gabardine, cotton or linen and viscose. From dresses to sporty denim or cotton, it is preferable to choose models in which there are vertical decorative elements: the clasp or strap buckle.

Summer styles of skirts that can choose for your summer wardrobe the girl with a curvaceous, mainly 4 styles. Short straight denim skirt is timeless and fashion is most girls due to the stretch denim, she tightly hugs the hips and keeps the shape.

Elegant colored long skirt chiffon or cotton, or a long straight skirt with high slit, combined with open tops, convenient hot day, like summer dresses.

The model of a skirt with an asymmetrical bottom, denim, or viscose, can be both casual and dressy, depending on fabric and accessories.

Black and white top bustier will complement a long skirt with a slit, or narrow pants, making a holiday kit that can be suitable for all cases.

For your summer wardrobe you can choose the open with wide shoulder straps, decorative lace with denim insert, which is suitable for sets with shorts, breeches, and summer trousers. knitted blouse-tops in the romantic style with bare shoulders.

Blouse made of chiffon, silk or rayon with a print, loose silhouette, slim figure, and they can be combined both with pants and with skirts.

Skinny jeans fashion will be complete with blouses, shirts and tunics of the same color chiffon, cotton Jersey or fine delicate flowers. You can choose the model of cream, white, pale blue flowers, colour light tan or ivory.

The color palette suits summer business style may be the same light. The best option for summer suit – set of pencil skirts MIDI length and a short jacket with sleeves three quarters. If you prefer pants and sports style, you’ll like the set of a short jacket-jacket and straight pants or a set of Capri pants and a blouse-vest.

Model summer classic jackets sizes 48-54, with English collar or without a collar, as a rule, short, with sleeves three quarters, bright colors: white, fuchsia, coral, yellow, turquoise.

The most popular and comfortable for summer as for spring, there are pants straight fit or narrow, shorts are knee-length or Capri, which will make a set of blouses, tunics, tops and summer jackets.

The only model summer jumpsuit made of viscose with a fashionable black and white geometric print I found in the collection catalogue of the Ashley. Combined with black sandals with high heels, a soft waistband and stylish jewelry, it just looks great on a girl with a figure of “Apple”. For girls with the figure of the “hourglass” it fit more pure.

Dynamic summer wardrobe girls, it is impossible to imagine without the fashionable skinny jeans, light blue color or classic Indigo, one color or geometric pattern. So they looked nice on the figure with curvy hips, it is better to wear them with tops, blouses and tunics cut free, length to mid-thigh, or bundled with a t-shirt and short jacket or vest.

White denim short jacket can be worn complete with top and jeans or a skirt, with chiffon dress. Short black vest classic silhouette will complement a set of trousers in black colour, one-colour blouse or top, or with black and white print.

Short Bolero made of fine knitwear, cotton or rayon, very practical and convenient. This model is universal suitable for open or summer sundress dress, set of top or t-shirt, and trousers or jeans.

For special occasions or social events, you can Supplement your summer wardrobe elegant cocktail dress. and for a romantic date – a long, elegant and colorful .

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Beautiful and elegant summer dress size 48-50.

You can choose fashion models of dresses for full figures of different type: “Apple”, “pear” and “hourglass” figures with full hips and lush Breasts.