The history of the brand TOP SECRET began in Poland since 1996. In 2005 already developed a large chain of clothing stores TOP SECRET came to Ukraine. Over 8 years…

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Women's fashion suits 2013
The costume is an important element of a woman's wardrobe, especially those who work in the office. Leading brands, creating women's fashion suits 2013, favored retro style. Fashion suits 2013…

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Women’s fashion bags

Every girl has at least a few handbags, each of which is distinguished by its design and colors. For girls, the bag it is something more than the usual device for transferring things. Women’s handbag is a reflection of the character, manners and taste of each individual woman. That is why women are so closely related to the selection of a suitable model handbags.

There are many different models of bags. Some of them larger, but lose in elegance, elegance and design. Others can be done in a fantastic style, modern design, however, and put them in nothing but your other things cannot. The most interesting thing that the Golden middles do not and can not be, because the image of women, most important of which is the handbag may not be standard and uniform.

Kira Plastinina is a pretty young girl, designer, and fashion designer. She knows what clothes like young girls. That is why, creating their collections, it focuses on young people. The result is a modern and stylish things, with which every young person can create their own unique image

This also applies to handbags. Online store Kira Plastinina brand offers a wide selection of women’s handbags. In our catalog You will find bags with soft or rigid construction, with lockable pockets flaps or zippers. The product range includes the original clutch, which is perfect for any evening outfit. Constant updating of the catalog will give You an opportunity to choose the best and to experiment with your image.

All goods, including handbags, are made from high quality materials that have passed the quality control. The prices of handbags and clutches perfectly acceptable and will appeal to all without exception. We work in order to look stylish, and did not spend neither time nor money, nor nerves.

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