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Fashionable skirt: style tastefully
The popularity of skirts, which staggered under the pressure of jeans, khaki and comfort, is gradually increasing. On the podium more often you can see a variety of mini, pleated…

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Fashion of America in the 30-ies of the 20th century

Fashion of America in the 30-ies is the period of the “great depression”: the global economic crisis, the depreciation of money, the closure of businesses and the wave of unemployment. In this troubled times unlike fashion carefree twenties, table to appear restrained and practical clothing, luxury “flappers” has been replaced with a new elegance focused more on more Mature feminine age.

Not all fashion Houses have been able to adapt to the changes occurring and put an end to their work. But at the same time this period is important for the development of fashion design, because it began to appear new concepts and ideas simulation. It then began to increase the quality of things and be more difficult to cut them. In America, where the formation of mass fashion belongs to Hollywood, there are firms that sell through catalogs in the mail and distribute popular models in million copies.

The symbol of the era were long skirts, the length of which has sharply fallen down simultaneously with the collapse of the new York stock exchange. Now clothes have qualities such as convenience, efficiency and simplicity. In the early 30-ies of the common model were dark dress, decorated with white collars. Increased role of costume jewellery and accessories for most women of that time were only the most affordable way to introduce novelty into the image and at least a little to follow the fashion “trends”. Became popular tiny hats, fur Boas, collars, gloves, bags, envelopes and the neck bows.

Another sign of fashion 30’s – broad shoulders, extended scarves, pads, Assembly, and wings on the sleeves.

As for men’s fashion, it has become more conservative, popular standard suits with broad shoulders, fitted jackets and trousers with cuffs, back coats.

Thanks to the Hollywood stars, it has become fashionable to lighten your hair, use decorative cosmetics and make permanent Curling.

There is a huge variety of bathing suits and made a lot of noise separate swimwear. In addition, in the 30 years is expanding and range of evening wear. Fashion designers were invited to dress in elegant blouses made of silk, lace and brocade, long skirts and dresses from the finest fabrics, fur capes and jackets. The ideal appearance of that era was a woman with long, slender figure, with very narrow hips and waist, with a permanent wave, light hair, light makeup and red lips.