Fashionable coat. Fashion trends, silhouettes, styles
Time to choose a coat Long, colored, double-breasted. Available capes and fur coats large sizes. The cold inspires not only the explorers, but clothing manufacturers. Will tell, or rather, show…

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The history of the brand TOP SECRET began in Poland since 1996. In 2005 already developed a large chain of clothing stores TOP SECRET came to Ukraine. Over 8 years…

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Fashion accessories Fall – Winter 2014 – 2015

Accessories in the life of every woman is so varied and unpredictable as they are. Individuality is always appreciated, so designers collections autumn-winter 2014 – 2015 has created such a fashion model, so that each owner can fully show their individualnosti and taste. Simple hairstyles for every day. will also help You to emphasize Your individuality.

So, what is prepared from famous designers of fashion accessories 2015 autumn – winter, will occupy the best positions for upcoming seasons?

Fashionable gloves fall winter 2014-2015

It is difficult to imagine the completed winter without such important details as gloves. Our attention has presented a variety of models :leather, textile, suede, extra long, regular fit. “Biker” theme gloves are still not out of fashion, as well as longer styling to the elbows and above. The main chic steel gloves, decorated with stones and other elements.

Fashion belts fall-winter 2014-2015

We all know that a well-chosen belts advantageous to emphasize the waist and image in General. In fashion now a slim model belts used not only for framing dresses, designers are advised to wear them even on top of thick warm clothing. Thick belt leather become even bigger and now they look like male corsets or belts. Such belts are noted for their collections of famous designers Marc by Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Celine. Fashion belts 2014-2015 100% will set You apart from the crowd and will be a wonderful decoration of Your waist.

Fashionable scarves autumn-winter 2014-2015

Many of you use scarves as one of the major accessories in cold weather, it is not enough that the item warms, so also advantageously enhances Your image. In the coming season pleases huge mnogoobrazie fashion scarves winter 2014-2015, this traditional cotton, knitted scarves and even fur. Don’t forget about the blouses that miraculously can embellish a way to add softness and attractiveness of its owner. Should pay special attention to stoles, long knitted models, scarves – kerchiefs, their colors are so varied that may be radically different from the color of the dress or on the contrary to harmonize.

Fashion jewelry fall-winter 2014-2015

Best friend diamonds are a girl’s. Of course, no girl is their way without the beautiful decorations. However, the opinion of the designers this season, several different. They strongly suggest to wear jewelry, the most original and fascinating. It can be large bracelets from wrist to elbow, the stones with every possible combination of leather and fur. Despite the fact that many of us are accustomed to wear jewelry under warm clothes, designers are allowed to wear accessories on top of the service, thereby attracting even more attention.

Fashion coat autumn-2009
Designers already know what coat is considered extremely fashionable in the coming season autumn-winter 2009—2010. Defined even must-have of the season in the field coat-2009! And it is a fashionable…


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