Karina Style
Jeans, pants, skirts, shorts, Capri The main thing to remember when determining women's sizes: "less is better than more." Almost all women's jeans are available now with elastane or lycra.…

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Trendy cocktail dresses
Any fashionista who saw the cocktail dresses from fashion collections will definitely want to pick up a few options. Let's take a closer look at current trends of the new…

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Fashionable coat. Fashion trends, silhouettes, styles

Time to choose a coat

Long, colored, double-breasted. Available capes and fur coats large sizes. The cold inspires not only the explorers, but clothing manufacturers. Will tell, or rather, show how it can look modern fashion coat

Nowhere to retreat, and there is no need. Autumn and winter is truly happy only to those who were prepared. Anomalous cold and snow of the past year has inspired designers to create especially designed winter collections, and we are reminded that all was possible, first of all make sure to keep you warm.

Three “comfortable” solutions developed for us by the leading fashion houses of the world and picked up by the mass producers.

Long coat with large collar

Classic style emancipated intellectuals seventies of the XX century. Such as were in the autumn-winter collection of the fashion house Chloe.

Available as textured coat from the collection of Celine,

Double-breasted coat

Double-breasted coat, the descendants of the military overcoats and echoes of last year’s “retro-military” trends, again come into fashion. Most often they are tailored traditionally (note the previous one). Curious exits when the active color join three-dimensional parts and drawing.

Plaid coat with inserts autumn-winter collection Comme des Garçons.

Colored double-breasted fur collar. Basso&Brook.

“Composite” double-breasted coat Proenza Schouler with fur collar and knitted cuffs.

Coats, capes,

Now, this is really a surprise, we’ve all come for him to get bored. Versatile and comfortable capes and ponchos are well suited to the role of the second coat in the wardrobe.

Hussein Chalayan: bilateral poncho for travel.

Stefano Pilates (Yves Saint Laurent): black Cape nuns.

Urban poncho coat 3.1 Phillip Lim.

Thus, the keywords of the season – length, volume, color . Workers pret-á porte always distinguishes prudence, to join sought by any democratic brand. Autumn and winter clothes continue to arrive in the stores, so keep your eyes open. And do not try to throw a narrow waisted short coats with collar stand. Just remove it in the closet until then.

P.S. for fans of fur garments: note voluminous coats of sheepskin . as it was done in the fashion house Burberry.