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Line classic bag Belt Bag from Celine replenished mini-version. The difference in the amount of maleadumima, but the desire to give a variety of their favorite models is obvious. 02.01.2015…

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Leather is a material, which at all times has the demand is at its peak. This season, he continues to gain credibility, both among women and among men. The real…

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Summer dress for girls spokes

The summer comes and the wardrobe the little fashionista must receive a light summer dress with bright colors. Dress is not very complicated openwork pattern made of yarn of medium thickness. For size 98 will need 200 g of blue yarn ( 60 % cotton, 40 % polyester, 125 m/50 g).

Long circular needles № 2,5.

Openwork pattern: knit according to scheme 1 and 2, in the IPMS. rows knit symptom. the loops.

Frill: 1st row: 3 SC, 1 violence. p.; 2nd row: persons. p. brides reset (formed a number of long loops); 3-4 number: persons. p. Repeat 1-4=th series.

The dense weave: 28 STS and 36 R. = 10 x 10 cm

The BACKREST. On the spokes dial 160 p. and knit 2.5 cm persons. stitch for the hem of the skirt. For the formation of the fold line knit on violence. side 1 track number. follows: alternately 1 SC, 2 p. together persons. Then knit 1.5 cm persons. stitch and continue to knit skirt openwork pattern according to scheme 1. In recent violence. several skirts reduce loop trail. follows: alternately 1 violence. p. 3 x 2 p. together persons. Get on the spokes 90 p. Then proceed gum 1 x 1 and knit 2.5 to see

Bodice dresses continue to knit according to scheme 2 openwork pattern 8 see Then for the formation of the sleeve at the end of each parties. and IPMS. number add 4 x 1 p. then knit straight 7 cm, then bind 1 openwork stripes according to scheme 1. Loop close to the IPMS. row.

BEFORE. On the spokes dial 160 STS and knit as back. By linking the bodice to a height of 16 cm (before the beginning of the neckline), divide the loop into 2 equal pieces and knit first the left half, closing the loop at the beginning of each persons number 1 x 6 p. 1 x 3 p. 3 x 2 p. 2 p. 1 Then knit straight front surface 4 cm and close the remaining loop of the shoulder. The second side of the knit as well, but subtraction to perform at the beginning of each symptom. series.

ASSEMBLY. To perform shoulder seams. On the edge of the sleeve to raise on 62 STS and knit 1.5 cm the front surface. For the formation of the fold line knit on violence. side 1 track number. follows: alternately 1 SC, 2 p. together persons. Then perform the underside of the ACC, after spinning a 1.5 cm persons. stitch. Loops to close, be filed with the IPMS. side ACC sleeves.

To finish the neckline on the spokes dial 180 p. and knit 0.5 cm garter viscous and then knit the ruffle. Link 1, 5 cm the front surface, then fold line (alternately 1 SC, 2 p. together persons.) and 1.5 cm the front surface. To attach the ruffles with violence. side and sew ACC on the IPMS. side. To perform side seams. Neck to attach the cord and tie it in a bow.