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Dress fashion autumn winter 2010/2011

The most fashionable dresses for autumn-winter: dress-dress, sweater-turtleneck, dress, smell, sheath dress, dress with a fluffy skirt, knitted mini dress, dress with textured fabrics, as well as sculptural dress model.

Fashion style dress

Fashion autumn-winter season can be traced several key trends: this feminine style of the 50s, laconic style of the late 60s with his dresses a-line, military style and dresses in the style of minimalism. Not less popular style ethno-chic. This season, look to the Far North, the Scandinavian countries, the countries of Latin America.

Fashionable dress length

In fashion for different length dresses, the most popular Maxi dresses and dresses length about the knee. However, the short dresses are also in fashion. The fashion short dress made of thick knitted or crocheted.

Trendy gown silhouette

The most fashionable silhouettes dresses autumn-winter 2011 season:

hourglass dresses and figure-hugging

dresses a-line

rectangular elongated silhouette, more like a vertical line

pear-shaped silhouette dresses

Fashion color dress

The most fashionable color of the season, brown and all shades: beige, camel, brick, rust color, chestnut, Brazilian coffee. Grey and black color do not pass their fashionable items that season in a row. Also in fashion bright and propylene shades: tea rose, blue-gray, beige, khaki, mustard. Small blotches of bright colors on the runways were presented, mostly in blue, purple, yellow, tangerine and dark red.

Fashionable parts and material dresses

The most popular materials of this season: velvet and brocade, heavy satin and airy chiffon. With the advent of cold weather, the most popular materials are wool, cashmere, mohair and leather.

Accents fashionable dresses:

asymmetry and draperies (often at the center of the dress)

increased “fluffy– and bulk binding

thick draperies, forming volume dress

numerous ruffles

raw edge

inserts made of fur or lace

the combination of different texture materials

collar collar or hood

three-dimensional parts and decoration on the dress

rich decoration: sequins, glitter, beads

What to wear fashionable dresses of the season

Fashion dress wear with thick tights of the same color and shoes. Or worn with contrasting color pantyhose. Short dresses to wear with boots-stockings and wide boots, for example, from fur. You can be gloves, and fur mittens, armlets and bracelets.