The history of the brand TOP SECRET began in Poland since 1996. In 2005 already developed a large chain of clothing stores TOP SECRET came to Ukraine. Over 8 years…

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MEN'S CLOTHING The history of the brand TOP SECRET began in Poland since 1996. In 2005 already developed a large chain of clothing stores TOP SECRET came to Ukraine. Over…

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Leather jackets 2011

Leather is a material, which at all times has the demand is at its peak. This season, he continues to gain credibility, both among women and among men. The real trend this year leather jackets 2011. They are an indispensable part of the wardrobe of the modern, active, and stylish people. Leather jackets 2011 is a variety of options, you can wear a stylish blazer, sports jacket or a stylish jacket and still look fashionable and to create a memorable image. In addition, the designers tried to incorporate modern models of these jackets all kinds of accessories, interesting details, and so on.

This season, the young guys will be able to choose a jacket like. Dominated by classic trends – straight pockets, stand-up collar, zipper and so on. Fashionable leather jackets 2011 for guys amaze and variety of colors – black, brown, red. Of course, those who love cowboy style or simply riding a fast motorcycle will evaluate models of jackets this season. Innovation, which is very convenient zip-fasteners on the sides or on the sleeves. After all, they can always be undone, if at the bottom you’re wearing a thick sweater.

In winter, the choice of clothing is particularly important. Jacket with genuine fur can be a great option. The fact that leather is the material practical and convenient. During cold weather, bad weather, rain or wind, this jacket will protect you and your health. In addition, leather jackets 2011 are very light, they give odds of heavy winter coats, down jackets and other outerwear. Young men prefer short jackets, and men are more Mature – long cloaks or coats.

Of course, and jackets with fur women are now very popular. They are also comfortable, practical and comfortable as a male. In addition, the spring and summer of the coming year offer on the court finicky fashionistas various models of leather jackets. The abundance of detail makes this garment even more attractive. After all, patch pockets, wide belt or numerous lightning can turn an ordinary thing into a work of art.

It is believed that the black color is versatile and always in fashion. And this is hard to argue, but leather jackets 2011 offer women to diversify their wardrobe and even dazzling red, sky blue, light brown and other shades.

This season jacket should be worn with jeans or slacks. Of course, the lover skirts will also be able to wear such a thing, only the skirt should be short. If you combine leather jackets with light flying dresses, then this should be done very carefully, they can look a little rude.

Trendy collections of famous designers in the world offer the jacket in a style that is loved by many in the military style. And women who love to combine clothes originality and simplicity will surely appreciate the novelty of the season – asymmetrical leather jacket.

For spring perfect model jacket in biker style – they fitted, short, have a slash zip and sit exclusively on the figure. With a classic décor, all kinds of straps, rivets, etc all remain as popular as before. More aggressive design involves the use of large and small metal parts. This jacket can be easily complement leather pants. Leather jackets 2011 is a mixture of colors. The present trend of the season – the use of two shades, such as beige and black. But there may be more vivid, original ways. Popular and jacket to the waist with short or long sleeves. The wardrobe of a man who claims to be fashionable and stylish, must be updated with this season’s leather jacket.