Fashionable coat. Fashion trends, silhouettes, styles
Time to choose a coat Long, colored, double-breasted. Available capes and fur coats large sizes. The cold inspires not only the explorers, but clothing manufacturers. Will tell, or rather, show…

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Leather jackets 2011
Leather is a material, which at all times has the demand is at its peak. This season, he continues to gain credibility, both among women and among men. The real…

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Large clothing, large size, full – Tambov

Specialized Tambov clothes shops – full of people.

Something about clothing for full.

Full woman should avoid clothing that divides the figure on the horizontal axis. Straight jacket that ends at the hips, making the lower part of the figure easier, hiding figure flaws. Also avoid too tight and form-fitting clothes. Tightly tightening the belt, you will not create a narrow waist, if it does not, and will only highlight the lack of figures. Free jacket will make clothing lines more refined.

The clothes of the big sizes, jackets and blazers

Jackets and blazers simple and stylish accessory business style. This garment will drape very full Breasts and disadvantages shoulders and so on. Clothes don’t need to hide, it is better to choose those models that have a slight flare and a slightly fitted silhouette. For women business clothing includes dresses. This dress is a figure in the best light. You need to choose a suitable style. Many muffins will fit model with a high waist trapezoidal model. For women it is difficult to find clothes. Business clothes should be stylish, to conceal completeness, and to vary the strict silhouette. Clothes for full business women. It must give the owner of restrained and austere look, and not doing it very harsh.

The clothes of the big sizes – cloaks

If You need a raincoat in business style, you will look fashionable this autumn cloak-Mac. This coat is in perfect harmony with the Trouser suit and ladies ‘ hats. Fall, fashion coats classic length, knee high, however, and long cloaks has not been canceled. Favorites of the season are leather coats and cloaks in military style – double-breasted with stand-up collar with regard to the trendy colors of the coats of autumn. they also classic black, blue, beige, khaki. If you want to stand out among the crowd is the fact that red and yellow colors that You need. They are in fashion this autumn. Also popular in cloaks with prints. Squeak soda this fall cloaks imitating the snake skin and coats in a small flower.