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Beach fashion this year

Beach season is open! What fashion trends has prepared for us designers?

Today, the swimsuit has ceased to be the only clothing for swimming, as evidenced by the fact that stood out is a notion of beach fashion.

The beach in the summer can be compared with the output to the party, strictly speaking, in the summer all the fashion events and parties are held on the beaches. Beach wear can be fully beach, and just picked up that will be in your casual wardrobe.

Well, are you ready to plunge into the fashion trends of this hot summer?

Fashionable styles

First of all, recall that the swimsuit should draw attention to the advantages and successfully hide the flaws. This should be guided, and not to pay attention to the bright pattern, polka dots or stripes.

Now let’s talk about fashion tenedency.

This year in fashion as a two-piece bathing suit, and seamless. Sexy and attractive fused swimsuit can make a deep neckline or absence of straps that will highlight the line of the neck, chest and shoulders.

At the peak of popularity of the so-called bathing suit Monokini . the distinctive feature of which is an open belly.

Tricine – another hit of the season. Model trikini not call one or two, it’s a hybrid of the two standard models, and the result – original, unique and diverse types of swimwear. Trikini appeared before in some collections of the designers, but this year this model came on the fashion Olympus and took the first place.

This year, allow yourself a bikini without ties . ribbons and strapless . no straps and limitations. Open sexy swimwear will help show all the luxury and charm of a perfect body.

Swimwear with the upper part in the form of a stamp today is not relevant.

In this year’s beach party, you can go into a knitted bathing suit with an open back and a deep cut on the sides.

This swimsuit can be worn with jeans or denim shorts. Knitted bright swimwear can be combined to create new images.

Trendy colors

Favorites this season – as a bright color and monochrome models, and models with a picture.

Classic red or black and white swimsuit, obviously, will never go out of fashion! So, if you haven’t got this “eternal” thing to do so it’s not too late.

The main color of the beach season 2011 – pink . This color-to-face almost all women, he visibly rejuvenates and refreshes.

Followed by the soft and gentle colours – coffee with milk . beige and cream . light blue and lilac . Golden and silver .

Up figures varied and for all tastes: tropical . the exotic . the African . under the skins of animals . fruit and abstract .

Relevant in this season swimwear diskovoi colors that can be worn with denim shorts.

Strips – this is perhaps the most fashionable summer figure. Sea topic relevant again, especially on the beach!

It is worth noting, my Lady, to look stylish, you can wear any bright swimsuit remaining from last season, just enough to find him fashion accessories.

And yet: every self-respecting Lady should have a couple of bathing suits in different colors and different styles for different occasions, reserve and just for a change!

How to decorate swimsuit

This year designers decorate their products different sequins . the beads . stones and crystals . This applies to swimwear.

The combination of knitted leotard with sequins or beads will create it the winner a unique image. This swimsuit can be done independently.

It is clear that the presence of the decorations will be at least colors that should be combined with each other. For example, a swimsuit can be linked from pink thread in combination with light green sequins can be pink shade or any shade of green. Beads can decorate and tie.