Fashion handbags 2015
Handbags should "read" And don't be surprised - after all, in anticipation of the 2015 clutches-books have become very creative and original solution, which was graciously accepted by such famous…

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Winter thermocure Brugi for teenagers. Italy the original.
High quality, warm thermocure with membrane Italian brand BRUGI. Italian brand BRUGI already 57 years, produces clothing for the whole family. Special high-tech materials in combination with sizing and lining…

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Ukrmedia – online store of clothing and embroidery


Ukrmedia – shop clothes and embroidered shirts

Online store clothing Ukrmedia is a beautiful store high-quality Ukrainian service in the national style.

Buy the shirt or You are worthy of Ukrainian clothing – contact us!

Today, embroidery has become fashionable and original element of modern Ukrainian service. And that You were always in fashion trend, we are expanding and updated assortment of embroidery, working under the slogan: “Embroidery in every home! “. Looking to us, You get the widest selection of embroidered shirts for adults and children, embroidered shirts, handmade and other national service from the best Ukrainian producers.

In our online clothing store presents women’s embroidered shirts, embroidered shirts mens, kids embroidered shirts, ladies embroidered dresses, wedding dresses for every taste, so You will certainly find exactly what You need, and will be satisfied on the selection and quality of service.

There are sections of the store: Women’s clothing, Children’s clothing, Bridal salon and the nearest plans of Men’s clothing. We present such products as children’s clothing, embroidered towels, tablecloths, home textiles, etc., So make sure you visit and every time You will be able to see, to choose, to buy something new, trendy, and interesting. Store Ukrmedia is in constant development, filling and intensive growth.

And for the most whimsical and original buyers in the online clothing store of Ukrmedia provided service “Clothes in order.” You will be able to order sizes, materials and colors, and our masters in the shortest possible time will fulfill Your order, and as a result, You will receive a unique and exclusive order clothing. In particular, You will be able to order the shirt, dresses, embroidered, tunic, baby clothes, embroidered towels, home textiles.

We strive to be the best and provide the best products, prices, service and facilities!

Online store clothing Ukrmedia – all the best for You!

Women's fashion clothing wholesale online shop LENIDA - choose the elegance and brightness!
Online store LENIDA offering high quality and trendy women's clothing for several years successfully offers fashionistas a non-standard, elegant and individual images. As a manufacturer of clothing, we understand how…


Summer dress for girls spokes
The summer comes and the wardrobe the little fashionista must receive a light summer dress with bright colors. Dress is not very complicated openwork pattern made of yarn of medium…

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