The history of the brand TOP SECRET began in Poland since 1996. In 2005 already developed a large chain of clothing stores TOP SECRET came to Ukraine. Over 8 years…

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Fashionable skirt: style tastefully
The popularity of skirts, which staggered under the pressure of jeans, khaki and comfort, is gradually increasing. On the podium more often you can see a variety of mini, pleated…

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Women’s clothing from Italy

Benefits of women’s clothing from Italy

Women’s clothing from Italy is distinguished by elegant simplicity and unique, chic, and yet particularly subtle beauty and indescribable sensuality. And all this based on the quality and beauty, the clarity of the lines and simple shapes, a disregard for the frills. Mix of restraint and delightful simplicity create refined elegance. Despite its simple elegant lines, clothes from Italy looks very sexy, and can in spite of this, and the sexuality in it, created unsurpassed masters, looks natural.

Fabrics used by designers to create their masterpieces, soft and flowing silhouettes, creating a smooth and plasticity lines. The style of clothing, created by Italian fashion designer, this is, firstly, amazing comfort and convenience, thanks to its design, it has incredible functionality. Much of the success of the Italian masters is not only because of their incredible talent, but also from quality materials. Admiring glances from women all over the world watching the spectacular fashion shows on runways in different countries and continents.

The harmony created by designers, born inclination to natural color, pastel colours, clear color combinations, is shown in the charming tradition and creates a unique Italian style.

The natural combination of incongruous things, perfectly mixed pestrejsi drawings and prints with pastel colors, building on the edge and contrary, but without losing the style and charming elegance. Soft, plastic, flowing fabrics, muted organic scheme, soft smooth composition silhouette completely devoid of sharp contrasts.

Harmony and simplicity of clothing from Italy

Harmony and conciseness – distinguish women’s clothing from Italy, and the simplicity of compositenode causes admiration. The difficulty lies in creating a delightful models with moderate means. And traditionalism from the Italian couturier glows with freshness, and has easy, and clothing differs aristocratic disdain to cheap effects, which delights connoisseurs of beauty. There is nothing more beautiful and charming natural simplicity, convenience and comfort.

Clothing from Italy, you’ll feel an inner confidence that is born out of genuine minimalism, excluding intentional or frivolous. Everything in it is imbued with the spirit of functionalism. Exceptional restraint distinguishes the true Maestro of couture. Elegance arises from a lack of aspirations for embellishment, and no attempt to attract attention.

Clothing for Italians always secondary as interesting happens, the person himself and that he pays attention, and the clothes are just gorgeous sheath, emphasizing the beauty of its owner and therefore it is so beautiful.