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Men’s swimming trunks – all about fashion

King of the beach or the correct melting

Without trunks modern man can not do. Except that, he is an adept of nudism, but in this case, the melting will be useful in the pool or on public beaches. In short, the elements of the service must be in the wardrobe of every man.

About the history of men’s swim

Of course, not always men’s bathing trunks looked exactly as today. In antiquity men had rather not “bother” on this occasion, and swam up, especially as then practiced private beaches and baths for men and women.

In the Middle ages “progressive” Europe everything connected with the public body was declared sinful and undressed even the water was strictly forbidden. Only in the XVIII century bathing again became fashionable and was the first beach dress code: a decree was issued, ordering the men while swimming close to the body from neck to knees. For the first time this specification was published in England, and after such decrees appeared across the world. In those years bathing suits were made of wool and flannel!

So lasted until the beginning of XX century . while brave surfers from Australia showed the example of a conservative Europe and not the beginning of the worldwide spread of fashion swim trunks-shorts . Since then, the evolution of the bottoms was not to stop – over time there short shorts and even swimming trunks.

Swimming trunks for men

Modern man has something more in the middle of the twentieth century our countrymen could only dream of: it ’ s choice. Today you can buy men’s swimming trunks not just any color, but absolutely any style. The most common small and comfortable briefs-melting – they are more popular in Europe, as well as beach trunks-shorts – they prefer Americans.

Look great and not so long ago entered into fashion trunks-boxers – they are a little longer than usual bottoms and sit more freely. Among modern species of the bottoms worth mentioning and also trunks-strings – quite shocking, controversial option.

How to choose a melting?

In addition to size, the selection of the bottoms, it is important to take into account some peculiarities of the male figure. For example, men in the body it is best to avoid tight short bottoms, and very thin – wide and too free models. A short, stocky men desirable to choose a long swim shorts . as they visually shorten the leg, but the tall men with the tummy they will help him to hide. Well, a tall, handsome beauties to face any model which does not take!

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