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Tailoring skirts

A report on Sewing skirts


Technology teacher

Alexeyeva, Svetlana Sergeevna

Samara 2009



1. The collection, study and information processing

2. Designing custom products

3. Features product manufacturing

4. Evaluation of the activity

Information resources



Everyone wants to be dressed elegantly, beautiful and fashion. But fashion. known to be very unstable. Therefore, following its trends, your closet is often necessary to change.

But where to get a new skirt, so that she was not only fashionable, but also would like all the details, well “sat” in the figure and was not very expensive? It is best to sew it myself.

By the cut of the skirt are:

1) Tapered;

2) Klingele;

3) Direct

On the technology lessons we have learned some techniques of sewing. In fifth grade we learned how to sew an apron, and got acquainted with some techniques, stitches:

The seam in pogibko;

Trim seam;

Seam stitching, etc.

In sixth grade we got acquainted with the sewing skirts. We liked it and we decided to write a project on this topic.

Knit skirt.


1) learn to sew a skirt

2) to become Familiar with the technology of sewing skirts

3) Sew the skirt.

1. The collection, study and information processing

Meet fashion

We all know what is fashion. But until the end whether we know it?

Fashion was surprised, puzzled, amazed from the first day of birth. However, this day precision is not installed by historians, although many experts the birth of fashion belong to the 14th century.

Different peoples – the ancient Romans and Greeks, Scythians and Mongols, Indians and Chinese had their own, they only accepted, it is quite certain types of clothing. Was there any among them fashion? It is unlikely. Changed, or rather improved costumes slowly, although to a certain extent, reflected the changes that had occurred in the country, in a specific culture. Nor had the variability, which is the main hallmark of fashion.

The word “fashion” originates from the Latin “mode” which means “measure, method, rule”. In General, the sense has survived to this day anyhow, he is part of the modern concept of fashion.

The art of sewing

In order to sew a skirt, you need to perform several steps. The first stage of design is the Creation of a new image of the product, construction drawings and details, as well as preparation of sketch models.

The next stage is Designing the dimension of a human figure, the calculation of the main parameters and build the basics of drawing garments. To the construction of garments related concepts:

Cut and shape.

Cut – the type of construction of certain types of products. Is determined by the design details of the garments, their form and number.

Form – exterior garments or its separate parts.

The stage is drawing skirts. About this point we will explain later.

So is modeling the changing contours of the core structure in accordance with the lines of the new model. Here are a few ways:

1) translation tucks;

2) change of seams and cuts parts of the product – coquette, reliefs, etc.

3) change the degree of fit, size and silhouette products – folds, Assembly, flared.

There is a certain algorithm simulation. We described in the application.

Design analysis of existing products

On the technology lessons we offered to sew the skirt of the following types: