Leather jackets 2011
Leather is a material, which at all times has the demand is at its peak. This season, he continues to gain credibility, both among women and among men. The real…

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Garment factory Sale PRIZE of women's clothing wholesale pants, dresses, blouses and women's suits
Women's clothing wholesale in Novosibirsk The company's stores Priz you can always buy fine women's dresses wholesale in Novosibirsk. Among the diverse and unique products attractive blouses, shirts and tunics…

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Fashionable skirt: style tastefully

The popularity of skirts, which staggered under the pressure of jeans, khaki and comfort, is gradually increasing. On the podium more often you can see a variety of mini, pleated skirts of medium length, pencils skirt to the knee and lower flared skirt. And for the first time in the last few years, women begin to update your wardrobe than with jeans or trousers, and skirts.

Fashion trends

The pencil skirt gets in the hands of designers all new faces. For example, the classic skirt today are made from leather, complement cuts and very high waist. Also popular skirts-pencils with different prints, although classically monochrome models, of course, also in the trend – as always. The pencil skirt with ruffles will delight those who wanted to diversify simple and classic, but slightly overexposed design. Ruffles can be as horizontal as her skirt, and vertical – typically, along the side seam. The last option will only fit a very slim women; the rest of this skirt will make too many unnecessary volume. The pencil skirt with high waist is one of the most popular models of the season. It is perfectly flatter the figure, and is suitable for office and formal events, and entertainment in free time. The pencil skirt with polka dots, maybe even more unexpected than the same skirt in flower. In General, the combination of timeless classics such parts causes quite a strange experience, but worth it to him to look, and it turns out – this is what you need. And the pencil skirt pencil Skirt: femininity, which you cannot resist polka dots looks stunningly elegant, with all its unusual. If the peas seem too bold a figure for office, buy a pencil skirt in a cage – too trendy, but more conservative option.

The bell skirt is cute and a little funny fashion trend. Especially popular skirts among teenagers and young girls, but some models may like and adult women.

Pleated skirt is no longer yesterday, short, long and medium length – they are in fashion again and, apparently, more than one season. Because these skirts are very distinguished, they should be worn with simple tops.

Flared, even skirts of different lengths, designers offer to wear every day, and for ceremonial events. Paradise for the lovers of the romantic style!

Short flared skirts plaid is a direct consequence of the popularity of preppy. Many of us wore similar shirts in primary and secondary school. Now, they are back in fashion.

Skirt ballerina – layered skirt with tulle or chiffon. For the first time such skirts appeared in the 19th century, but they were much longer.

Skirts in military style – neutral colors, medium length, easy fit, with patch pockets back from the 90’s. They can be combined with different clothes, but, of course, best of all, they look high boots with laces.

Skirt-bubble appeared in the mid-20th century, and since then, with varying degrees of success was the centre of attention of leaders of high fashion. This skirt is certainly not for everyone, but women who really know how to wear it, look at it is simply amazing.

Denim skirts, in General, from the moment of their invention practically never out of fashion. Now in trend – skirts made of denim with frills, although classically straight skirt knee is also relevant.

Evergreen, though quite controversial trend leather skirt. Leather today sew skirts-pencil skirts in military style, and slightly flared skirt. Connoisseur this trend will appreciate the work of designers from leather in various colors and popular in this year, the combination of materials of different textures, for example, matte and patent leather.