Evening dresses 2015 short, long to the floor. Photo of evening dresses 2015 season winter, spring, summer
Evening fashion 2015 characterized by elegant styles, sensual silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and exquisite decor. In the fashion focus femininity in all its manifestations. Designers love using retro theme, sexy neckline…

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Teen clothes by the gross Moscow
Often plan to buy any thing we have a few questions: buy high quality and beautiful while expensive clothes, or more affordable Finance, but also of lower quality. Become the…

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Garment factory Sale PRIZE of women’s clothing wholesale pants, dresses, blouses and women’s suits

Women’s clothing wholesale in Novosibirsk

The company’s stores Priz you can always buy fine women’s dresses wholesale in Novosibirsk. Among the diverse and unique products attractive blouses, shirts and tunics for each day. All products Priz — this is an unusual combination of high quality, fashion style and low price. If you’re looking for womens dresses wholesale in Novosibirsk, note catalog models salons of the city. Huge selection of colors and styles you will be pleasantly surprised. Buying dresses and blouses women’s wholesale in Novosibirsk you can be sure of high quality and relevance of products.

We invite to cooperation of wholesalers and consider suggestions from your side.

Wholesale clothing from the company Priz in Novosibirsk

A wide range of service includes not only corporate and festive outfits, but no less attractive sober business suits, emphasizing the natural beauty and the dignity of the figure of their owner. Comfortable jackets from nice fabrics, wide women’s pants (Novosibirsk), skirts with small incisions, classic jackets can be purchased in retail stores, the company Priz at retail prices. If you are interested in women’s suits wholesale (Novosibirsk), or any other clothing, you can always contact the wholesale division, where you will be happy to advise on any issue.

The company’s products is well-designed cut and chosen fabrics, and our the ladies – the ladies from 25 to 50 years who prefer bright, fashionable and elegant style. A few lines of service in the assortment of the company can be spectacular and full closet.

Any women’s clothing – suits & blazers women in Novosibirsk, school and corporate dresses, coats and comfortable sundresses – for every taste!

The proposed new format of cooperation

Retail stores Novosibirsk:

Shipment of goods for realization for up to 30 days.

The possibility of a refund or exchange.