Winter thermocure Brugi for teenagers. Italy the original.
High quality, warm thermocure with membrane Italian brand BRUGI. Italian brand BRUGI already 57 years, produces clothing for the whole family. Special high-tech materials in combination with sizing and lining…

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Stylish clothes for fat women – what clothes will fit full girls cardigans, skirts, pants

Stylish clothing for women

Full girls and women of today can dress stylish and fashionable. Curvy does not prevent the creation of an attractive individual image. Good choice of the cut and the fabric helps to visually reduce unnecessary volume and emphasize the dignity of the figure.

It all starts with sweatshirts

A good choice for ladies full

The jacket is a basic element of the wardrobe. Three or four species of this service help to form a set, which emphasizes the advantages of luxurious forms. Under the jacket understand clothing with a zipper top. It can be crocheted, knitted, made of any other material. The figure of a large size is preferable to the following models:

Fitted jacket makes a more proportional silhouette in full the ladies with his stately figure. Big hips, you can balance the pads. But with full shoulders this item should be deleted.

For visual lengthening the upper body fit flared styles.

Volumetric collar sweatshirts hides full and long neck. Neckline V-shaped emphasize luxury bust.

Sweatshirts decorated with flounces or ruffles correct problem areas, adding volume where you need it. With the help of small wrinkles, on the contrary, it is convenient to hide the excessive bulk.

Most women suit jackets up to the line of the hips. Look good longer model, almost to his knees, in combination with pants, leggings, jeans. If you have a full waist and big belly contraindicated short sweatshirts.

Summer version

Summer jacket for overweight women may have a flying cut and sewn from light fabric. It is interesting to look openwork jacket without buttons. It can be worn with a dress, skirt or trousers. Choosing a summer blouse, better to stay on the straight silhouette. When you want the waist to emphasize the waist. Wide variety of summer jackets, knitting, crocheting, knitting or crochet. Separate models similar to the vest. You can choose a color not necessarily light shade. Dark colors combine with the rest of the summer clothes.

The popularity of knitted jackets

Love them very much full of women. These sweatshirts are plasticity. They clearly make out the silhouette. The length of the models crafted from the buttons can reach the hips or lower closing problem area. To complete the figure is great knitted cardigan. It can be with clasp or belt or smell. Its length it stretches the silhouette, giving it a slimming effect. Trim cardigan may be the most diverse and elegant.

It is best to complete the figure looks knitted model fine knit. Coarsely knitted item adds volume.

The details of the choice of dresses

Characteristic styles

This year fashion draws the full attention of women to particular styles of dresses and sundresses:

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