Dress fashion autumn winter 2010/2011
The most fashionable dresses for autumn-winter: dress-dress, sweater-turtleneck, dress, smell, sheath dress, dress with a fluffy skirt, knitted mini dress, dress with textured fabrics, as well as sculptural dress model.…

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Ukrmedia - online store of clothing and embroidery
Gloves Ukrmedia - shop clothes and embroidered shirts Online store clothing Ukrmedia is a beautiful store high-quality Ukrainian service in the national style. Buy the shirt or You are worthy…

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Teenage Brugi ski suits. Italy original sale, the price in Kiev. ski suits

Teen ski suits Brugi. Italy the original high quality, warm thermocompact with membrane Italian brand BRUGI.

Italian brand BRUGI already 57 years, produces clothing for the whole family.

Special high-tech materials in combination with sizing and lining seams produced goods provide comfort and protection.

Thermococcus and thermocure, ski suits BRUGI made from modern fabrics that allows the body to breathe, all materials are hypoallergenic – does not cause allergies, not purged, waterproof, water repellent, UV filter, wear-resistant thanks to the unique weave of the fabric fibers.

The Italian clothing brand BRUGI is the undisputed market leader in Italy in this segment of the market and is well known in all European countries.




the quality is very good.

THE FIRST LAYER. The inner layer of the costume consists of a 100% synthetic fabric. This modern fabric, which allows the body to breath. Modern membrane fabrics that are good remove moisture, but do not let her inside. The principle of operation of the membrane based on the fact that a molecule of water (vapor state) is many times smaller than water droplets. In addition, the fabric bottom layer HYPOALLERGENIC, i.e. do not cause allergies in contact with skin.

THE SECOND LAYER. Serves to retain heat. It is environmentally friendly and completely hypoallergenic synthetic substitute for natural down 100%, which is a combination of polyester and polyphenolic fibers, which is very similar to the structure down. Unlike down, securely retains heat, so you can easily evaporate excess.Another important property, which has a ski suit – windproof wind. The firm BRUGI pays special attention to the strength and durability of their costumes.

In order to do sports ski suits tight, firm BRUGI uses lycra or elastane, making costumes lightweight and more durable.

Also, another advantage of such membrane materials is the ability to transform light from the sun’s rays into heat. Membrane materials, which contain ceramic polymers retain the human body temperature and even raise it a few degrees.

kit for girls: jacket and bib

suits are size for size(not malomerki and not bellemere)

temperature from 0 to 30

in sets of every detail(pockets, tightening, amplifiers buckles and so on)

Jacket front zipper, removable hood, adjustable cuff sleeves with Velcro, inside sleeve fleece cuffs. Side pockets with zipper. Pocket on left sleeve with zipper, inner multifunction pocket. Inside soft fleece and pockets.

Trousers with zip and button, inside zipper, hook, elastic adjustable suspenders, two side pockets Velcro, drawstring from snow.